According to Art. 5 of the University ActThe Ministry of Education, in order to promote the development of universities, shall organize an Evaluation Committee, entrust academic organizations or professional evaluators to carry out regular evaluation on the universities and publish the results as reference for educational subsidies from the government and the scale of adjustment and development of universities; methods of evaluation shall be formulated by the Ministry of Education.


The Taiwan Higher Education Institutions Accreditation Results (TWHEIAR) is a website created with the purpose of enforcing the internationalization of the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) by providing English version of the accreditation results of all the higher education institutions in Taiwan. 




The objectives of the TWHEIAR are:

·         to provide information on evaluated programs;

·         to facilitate national and international evaluation and accreditation organizations review the evaluation and accreditation results on the programs of the Higher Education Institutions in Taiwan.




The information in the TWHEIAR is currently as follows:

1.     ·         Name, address, telephone number and website of the higher education institutions,

2.     ·         Chinese and English Name of the program,

3.     ·         Degree awarded by the program,

4.     ·         Results of the accreditation,

5.     ·         Year that the evaluation process went through,

6.     ·         Accredited validation, which normally are for 5 years.



Programs will normally be re-evaluated for its quality assurance every five year. This is to check if the departments/programs could create a sustainable learning environment and continuous self-improvement.


Under the regulations made by the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense, evaluation results on the military and police academy programs are not publishable.


According to Article 10 of the MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan“International students may not apply for Extension Programs at universities/colleges designed for returning education students, part-time, in-service courses of Master programs, or other programs, which are restricted to night classes and classes during holidays. International students who have obtained legal resident status in Taiwan, or are enrolled in a program ratified by this Ministry, are exempted from this Article.”